Technical Support for the Operationalization of the People’s Survival Fund (PSF)


The Philippines being the most impacted country by climate change per Global Climate Risk Index 2016, formulated its National Framework Strategy for Climate Change (NFSCC) and National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP), where priority programs and activities are developed to address the urgent and immediate needs of the country relating to the adverse effect of climate change.  Being an insignificant emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG) per capita, the government puts greater emphasis on adaptation.  To facilitate implemention of climate change adaptation interventions, the Government passed the Republic Act 10174; establishing the People’s Survival Fund (PSF) as a special fund for financing adaptation programs and projects.

However, despite these established climate policies, the government faces a great challenge on how to effectively operationalize this climate finance vehicle to ensure that the processing of requirements do not crowd out the most vulnerable and poor local government units (LGUs) in need of climate financing. 


This project will provide the necessary capacity building support to the PSF Secretariat in order to  assist the LGUs in the project identification and development, and in the preparation of needed technical documents required to access PSF and other similar climate financing facilities. The assistance will also entails support for the PSF Secretariat to mobilize additional resources to augment the PSF budget appropriation, presently at US$25million.

The project has three components, as follows: 

  • Component 1 – Institutional Strengthening
  • Component 2 – Project Development
  • Component 2 – Resource Mobilization

Overall Objectives

  • Strengthen PSF Secretariat in delivering its mandate and function to ensure mainstreaming of climate change in the development plans and projects for every LGU nationwide. 
  • Improve government decision makers’ capacity to prioritize climate resilient programs for sustainable planning and investment decisions.
  • Increasethe capacity of LGUs to fulfill their roles as the local economic managers in their respective localities. 

Implementing Partners

  • Climate Change Commission (CCC), and Climate Change Office (CCO) as the PSF Secretariat
  • PSF Board (Department of Finance, CCC, Department of Budget and Management, Department of Interior and Local Government, National Economic and Development Authority, Philippine Commission on Women, and Sectoral Representative) 

Results to Date

  • Scoping work concluded in June 2016. 
  • Rapid Assessment activities completed in December 2016 which produced a report that will be the basis for the succeeding activities of the project until 2018.  
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