Ecotown Scale-Up Project (Phase 2): Climate Resilient Green Growth (CRGG) Planning at the Provincial Level


As an archipelago in the Pacific Ring of Fire and with an average of twenty typhoons each year, the Philippines is among the countries most vulnerable to climate change. With a decentralized governance structure, development planning and responding to the impacts of climate change is a coordinated function between the National Government and the many local government units. However, the country is faced with the following challenges:  

  • Increasingly adverse weather due to tropical storms;
  • High vulnerability to sea-level rises, coastal inundation, and flooding;
  • Landslides due to heavy rainfall, soil erosion and deforestation
  • Natural threats to agriculture and local fishing industries; 
  • Limited technical capacity to plan and address climate change impacts among local government units; and
  • Inclusive and sustainable development has remained elusive.


The CRGG Project builds on the lessons from the “Demonstration of Ecotown Framework Project (Phase 1)”, which was implemented at the municipal level and completed in 2014. It is implemented in the Province of Palawan and Province of Oriental Mindoro for broader impact in terms of spatial coverage and economic influence. The primary activities of the project include:

  • Implementation of the General CRGG Planning Framework and Methodology in the two provinces;
  • Formulation of Provincial CRGG Strategies;
  • Development and delivery of CRGG relevant training initiatives to strengthen the capacity of national and local government units, private sector enterprises, and other stakeholders;
  • Piloting of inclusive and pro-poor green growth approach;
  • Project development and investment matching assistance for developmental and bankable projects identified in the Provincial CRGG strategies.

Overall Objectives

  • Enhance the climate change resilience and promote green growth in participating provinces; and
  • Replicate the CRGG planning and implementation model in other Provinces to institutionalize the approach at the national level.

Implementing Partners

  • Climate Change Commission (CCC)
  • Members of the National Project Advisory Committee (various government agencies)
  • Department of Trade and Industry
  • Provincial Governments of Palawan and Oriental Mindoro 

Results to Date

  • Ongoing implementation of Provincial CRGG Methodology in the Provinces of Palawan and Oriental Mindoro
  • Continuing capacity development activities for the Provincial Project Teams and municipalities of the two provinces
  • Ongoing development of the business case for greening the operations of micro-small and medium enterprises
  • Training modules developed and orientation workshops conducted to support the partnership with Academic Institutions towards knowledge dissemination and sustainability 
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