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What is Climate Change?

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Areas for Climate Change Action

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Policy Milestones

Let me share our thoughts and way forward for the 2015 agreement. We echo the call of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon for a balanced, well-structured and coherent text. Balanced, we maintain to mean an equal attention to adaptation and mitigation.

For adaptation we would like to have goals for countries to achieve climate resiliency with appropriate support particularly for the most vulnerable.

For mitigation, we would like to see a significant emission reduction that would achieve the objectives of the Convention, most especially to what science require so as not to reach the 2 degrees.

For INDC, Philippines view mitigation as a function of adaptation. Since we are not a major emitter, any mitigation actions must also address our vulnerabilities and in accordance with our sustainable development goals. I would like to say that we are very proud of our existing policies. We do not subsidize coal and other fossil fuels. Since 2012, renewable energy represents 38.5% of our total primary energy mix and 52.7% input for power generation.

For loss and damage, we believe that loss and damage mechanism must be integrated into the Paris agreement. Loss and damage must be seen as separate from adaptation.

As for the CBDR, Mr. President, any redefinition of the CBDR must be thread to carefully and if so, must be morally grounded.

I would like to say lastly Mr. President, we should avoid a man-made catastrophe. I am not talking about the cause of global warming since the 1950s. I am talking about the Lima talks and most specially the Paris agreement. I agree with some statements made on the floor. That the success in Paris must start here in Lima. If man cause the problem, then man must make the solution. We cannot afford a failure. The implications of failure of these talks can’t even be valued, not by $10 billion, not by $100 billion, not by any amount. Losing the credibility of the UN multilateral process is not only a failure of diplomacy but more so a complete disregard for human rights. The Lima spirit must not dampen the spirit of the Convention.

Muchas gracias


December 10, 2014

Delivered by
H.E. Secretary Mary Ann Lucille L. Sering
Vice Chairperson, Climate Change Commission (Philippines)
10 December 2014
Lima, Peru