PARIS, FRANCE - The Philippine Delegation to the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) has expressed confidence on the possibility of at least getting reference to the below 1.5-degrees Celsius global temperature in the final climate change agreement here.

This, as the Philippines-led Climate Vulnerable Forum’s (CVF) campaign for a below 1.5-degrees Celsius global temperature continue to gain ground on the second and final week of the meetings, with the Holy See extending its support to the advocacy, which is deemed as a viable “precautionary approach” to tackling climate change.

“President Aquino and his presence here at the opening of COP21 has made the huge difference,” noted Dean Antonio La Vina, spokesperson of the Philippine delegation in the United Nations climate change meetings. “When he spoke here last week, suddenly countries started to seal their support to the campaign; it is a big boost to the campaign.”

The Vatican’s endorsement of the CVF’s initiative comes as the number of countries now behind the call for a below 1.5-degrees Celsius global temperature grows to 112.

“Now, we are even getting a sense of possibility of at least getting reference to the 1.5-degress Celsius in the final climate change agreement,” La Vina pointed out.

According to La Vina, the purpose of the deal expected to be finalized by the end of the week under the guidance of the French Presidency, is to limit the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in order to achieve the less than 1.5-degrees Celsius global warming.

He explained that there is a glaring difference between an under 1.5-degrees Celsius and above 1.5-degrees Celsius global temperature, especially in terms of saving the lives of people.

“If parties agree to a below 2-degrees Celsius global warming, it would mean sacrificing the lives of a few hundreds of millions of people,” La Vina emphasized.

“But imagine if parties agree to a deal that targets a below 1.5-degrees Celsius global warming, it would mean that trillions of people will be saved from the adverse impacts of a warming Earth,” La Vina also said.

Last Sunday, the Philippine climate negotiators attended four ministerial consultations on climate ambitions, finance and technology transfer, pledges, and pre-2020 goals. A draft text of the Paris Agreement was also issued on Monday.

For the last leg of COP21, La Viña said the Philippine delegation, who are “all the more fired up” now, aims to further galvanize support to the below 1.5 degrees Celsius-target for global temperature beyond 2020.

December 08, 2015

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Through CORE (Communities for Resilience), an improved Ecotown program, the CCC intends to promote the understanding of climate and disaster risk especially by communities identified by experts to be more vulnerable to disasters caused by climate change, and strengthen the technical knowledge and capacity of LGUs in developing the Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP) through a series of convergence consultations and trainings. 


The People’s Survival Fund (PSF) was created by Republic Act 10174 as an annual fund intended for local government units and accredited local/community organizations to implement climate change adaptation projects that will better equip vulnerable communities to deal with the impacts of climate change. It supplements the annual appropriations allocated by relevant government agencies and local government units for climate-change-related programs and projects.  The Philippine government programmed at least P1 billion into the PSF which will be sourced from the national budget.
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