June 29-July 5, 2020

House panel pushes for effective management of electronic, biomedical waste
By Bettina Magsaysay
The House Committee on Ecology is pushing for effective management of hazardous and radioactive waste, which include electronic and biomedical waste.
Climate fund targets $2.5 billion in clean energy investment for SE Asia, including Philippines
By Michael Taylor
Kuala Lumpur - A new climate fund backed by philanthropic donors is aiming to trigger $2.5 billion of clean energy investment in Southeast Asia and aid the region's green recovery after the coronavirus.
PHL, Japan experts partner in mapping of mangroves
By Cai Ordinario
Filipino and Japanese researchers proposed a new mangrove vegetation index (MVI) to map mangroves and maximize its benefits.
After two decades of mining, Canatuan minded area coming back to life
By Jonathan L. Mayuga
After more than 25 years of mining, the diverse flora and fauna in Sitio Canatuan is finally starting to return.
GDP, CO2 emissions, and coal-gas consumption
By Bienvenido S. Oplas, Jr.
This year marks several important global milestones in macro-economy and the energy sector. These include the coveted $100 billion/year of climate money starting 2020 as promised by the rich countries to poorer countries during the Paris Agreement in 2015, and steep decline in global GDP growth and energy demand because of the various lockdowns by many countries in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The world hit an all-time high primary energy demand of 584 Exajoules (EJ, 1 EJ = 23.88 trillion tons oil equivalent, or 277.78 tera-watt hours, TWH) in 2019, up from 576 Exajoules in 2018.
Filipino makes it to list of top climate crusaders
By Jaleen Ramos
A Filipino program leader for the United Nations Environmental Program made it to the list of people leading the insurance industry’s response to climate change.
Inspired by the Mangyan way of life, neighbors turn idle lot to urban garden
By Gabriela Baron
A community has transformed a vacant lot in Quezon City into an urban garden where they produce food for their own consumption.
Sonny, Obet, and Pat
By Tony La Viña
Last Tuesday, I wrote about Jun Factoran and Rolly Metin, founding leaders of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Today, I praise a politician Sonny Alvarez, an activist Obet Verzola, and a forester Pat Dugan. They were different, suis generis, each a category of their own, but they had in common vision, brilliance, and passion. They left a better world.
SPECIAL REPORT: Policy review of waste management needed as Davao City grapples with household PPE waste
By Joel Escovilla
Davao City — Mercy Muhamad, 44, dismounts from the rusty bicycle’s sidecar even before her husband has come to a full stop. This the fourth dumpsite for them, with three more to go before calling it a day.
This Philippine butterfly had a mistaken identity for years, until its ‘rediscovery’
By Keith Anthony Fabro
Filipino lepidopterist Jade Aster T. Badon is accustomed to traveling to some of the remotest parts of the Philippines in search of new butterfly species. In August 2019, he made a discovery in a more unexpected place: a field guide he had published himself five years earlier.
E-waste levels surge 20% in 5 years, says UN
By Agence France-Presse
Humans discarded more than 50 million tonnes of electronic waste last year, an increase of 20% in just five years, making tech refuse the world’s fastest growing waste problem, the United Nations said Thursday.
Fish more vulnerable to warming water than first thought
Global warming looks like it will be a bigger problem for the world’s fish species than scientists first thought: A new study shows that when fish are spawning or are embryos they are more vulnerable to hotter water.
People and planet in peril
By Cielito F. Habito
Five C’s—Carbon, Celsius, Congestion, Contagion, and Consumption—underpin the events transpiring today, as argued in a new white paper ( released by Brain Trust Inc., a multidisciplinary think tank that I lead.
Democrats climate plan would end greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
Washington — House Democrats on Tuesday unveiled a plan to address climate change that would set a goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, while pushing renewable energy such as wind and solar power and addressing environmental contamination that disproportionately harms low-income and minority communities.
Indonesia will respect international law as Singapore investigates forest fires causing haze pollution
Jakarta — Indonesia has pledged to respect international law as Singapore investigates companies and individuals linked to the 2015 land and forest fires that enshrouded the region in toxic haze.
GN Power, LGU launch ‘Scubasura’ underwater clean-up initiative
By LGU Kauswagan
Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte,— GN Power Kauswagan (GNPK) Ltd. Co. has partnered with the local government unit (LGU) and the Philippine Coast Guard here and launched Saturday the “Scubasura Underwater Clean-up” marking a long-term commitment to help ensure marine life is protected in this northern Mindanao town.
Bulalakaw falls adjudged as the cleanest body of water in La Union
By Joanne Namnama P. Dilim
Mention La Union and one can easily think of the province’s beautiful and welcoming beaches in San Juan town. Undoubtedly, the province capitalizes on the surfing activity in San Juan as it consistently draws tourists.
Davao de Oro bans single-use plastics
By Che Palicte
Davao City – The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Davao de Oro passed Wednesday an ordinance banning the use of single-use plastics.
EDITORYAL – Basurang plastic sa estero, umaapaw
Namumulaklak na naman ang mga plastic na basura sa estero. Maaaring ang mga basurang ito ay naipon habang naka-lockdown ang Metro at ang mga tao ay walang ginawa kundi magluto. Dahil palaging nagluluto, marami rin ang basura at pawang plastic. Ang masakit, karamihan sa kanila ay walang disiplina sa pagtatapon ng kanilang basura. Tapon dito, tapon doon ang kanilang ginagawa. Wala nang pakialam. Halimbawa ay ang informal settlers o mga iskuwater, deretso sa tubig ang kanilang basura --- supot na plastic, grocery bags, sache ng 3-in-1 coffee, catsup, shampoo, toothpaste, at iba pang plastic  na basura.
[OPINION] I can't breathe: How racial justice is connected to climate justice
By Chao Cabatingan
When we see society as structures of oppression rather than as clusters of people, it becomes easier to understand why the biggest battle is about changing how the system works instead of fashioning exemptions that work well within the system.
AC Energy generates $60M from green bonds
By Jordeene B. Lagare
AC Energy Inc. has raised $60 million from its latest issuance of green bonds that will be used to bankroll its renewable energy (RE) expansion efforts in the Asia-Pacific, parent firm Ayala Corp. said on Thursday.
The one-square-meter garden
The quarantine lockdown in the past three months has forced everyone to stay home to stay safe. This is fine for most people who have residences with large gardens to provide relief. The reality for most, however, is that of cramped lots, with little or no open space, or in condominiums with small balconies or a few sad windows from which to view the world and get some sun and fresh air.
‘Germany’ heart beats for Europe
By Anke Reiffenstuel
Gemeinsam. Europa wieder stark machen” (“Together for Europe’s Recovery“) is Germany’s motto for its Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) that runs from July 1 to December 31, 2020. In the rotating system of presidencies among the 27 member states, it’s for the 13th time that Germany is heading the Council of the EU.
Ecotourism in the ‘new normal’ will mix old methods and ‘strong science’
By Rosette Adel
With COVID-19 pandemic changing the landscapes of most industries globally, local and international ecotourism experts recently discussed how they plan on innovating and redesigning the ecotour experience for travelers under the so-called “new normal.”
DA, Aboitiz team up for RE use in food production
By Louise Maureen Simeon
The Department of Agriculture and the Aboitiz Group will optimize the use of renewable energy in pushing for urban farming in a bid to boost food production in the country.
Waste management, recycling a priority during pandemic – Villar
By Paolo Romero
Waste management and recycling should not take a backseat during the pandemic but should be prioritized to prevent the spread of diseases, Sen. Cynthia Villar said yesterday.
CCC in the News
Saving seeds, growing with nature on 7th episode of ‘Stories for a Better Normal’ series
By Jerome Carlo R. Paunan
Caloocan City, July 1 (PIA) -- On the seventh episode of “Stories for a Better Normal: Pandemic and Climate Change Pathways,” with the topic, “Saving Seeds and Growing with Nature,” House Deputy Speaker and Antique Representative Loren Legarda, together with resource persons, will discuss the basics and benefits of permaculture and the importance of saving seeds in ensuring food self-sufficiency.
Post-Yolanda to pre-Covid-19 era
By Ludwig O. Federigan
Even before Super Typhoon “Yolanda” wreaked havoc in our communities, the Philippines was among the first few countries to craft landmark legislations on disaster risk reduction and climate change — the “Climate Change Act” and the “Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act.”
Commentary: COVID-19 pandemic an opportunity to change environmental policies
By Carlos Primo David
As we reach for the economic reset button in the face of the continuing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s take a step back and reimagine what the country would and should look like in the new normal.