You listen, we talk. Check out these valuable content and timely conversations on climate change.


Commissioner Noel Antonio V. Gaerlan

Climate Change Expenditure Tagging Webinar Luzon Cluster | 4 May 2021


Commissioner Gaerlan highlights that CCET is a great opportunity to actually address the impacts of climate change by ensuring all development plans and projects of the national government are translated into the local level and are ensured to be tagged or provided an allocation for climate change action.

Commissioner Rachel Anne S. Herrera
Climate Change Expenditure Tagging Webinar Visayas Cluster | 5 May 2021


Commissioner Herrera talks about the importance of CCET to equip the participants with tools to integrate climate change into development planning and budgeting, especially that the country’s resources are spread thinly on activities geared towards addressing the pandemic, and sufficient funding for adaptation and mitigation poses a challenge.


Secretary Emmanuel M. De Guzman
Climate Change Expenditure Tagging Webinar Mindanao Cluster | 6 May 2021

Secretary De Guzman describes that CCET, from the perspective of investment, is an imperative financing endeavor that provides comprehensive data on climate-relevant spending that enables both the national and local governments to make decisions in prioritizing climate investment opportunities.