The Cool Contributions Fighting Climate Change (C4) Project is a service package under the Support CCC Project.  However, its implementing partner is the Department of Energy (DOE) given the energy focus of the project, and its high technicality; therefore, the Climate Change Commission’s role in the project is more focused on  the Support CCC Project.  The project is helping to advance climate-friendly solutions in the cooling and air conditioning sector at national and international levels.  A broad range of initiatives are working together more effectively to achieve comprehensive international control of hydrofluoro-carbons (HFCs);  overlaps are being reduced and financial supports harmonized. The project is also supporting the process by means of policy advice, the establishment of expert groups and regular dialogue. The project advises the energy and environment ministries/departments of the partner countries on the development of sustainable strategies for cooling and air conditioning as a contribution to NDCs. In as much as the Climate Change Commission is the consolidating agency for the country NDC, the Climate Change Commission’s  monitors  the development and results of this project as a service package under Support CCC.