ReBUILD, funded by the New Zealand Aid Program ( NZAP) with the Climate Change Commission as the Implementing Partner,  Phase 1 aimed to pilot the determination of e the necessary enabling policy environment, mechanism, system and tools, as well as improving the competencies of institutions to address risks from natural hazards and climate change. Project ReBUILD focused on the LGUs surrounding two of the most climate change vulnerable locations in the country, particularly along Cagayan River Basin (CRB) and the Jalaur River Basin (JRB).  Five enhanced (5) Climate and Disaster Risk Assessments (CDRAs) were produced for all pilot localities: Tuguegarao City and Iguig (Cagayan); and Passi City, Zarraga, and Dumangas (Iloilo), along with exposure databases, and multi-hazard maps. The project was also able to developed a concept beta-phase of a shared risk information system  which can be built on to develop an integrated and interoperable Geospatial Analytics National Platform (GANaP) tocould be used  provide automated calculation for vulnerability and risk assessment and convert tabular data into graphic maps. map form. 5 LGUs theThe project engaged five LGUsin include:  Tuguegarao City and Iguig Municipality of Cagayan River Basin, and Passi City, Dumangas and Zaragga Municipalities in Jalaur River Basin.