Earth Hour

Plastic pollution and energy consumption are issues that greatly contribute to our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and global temperature rise. 

Historically, the energy sector has been the largest greenhouse gas emitter globally, with 35% originating from the energy supply chain. Meanwhile, plastic production which uses energy throughout the process, adds to the emissions. Additionally, research demonstrates that commonly used plastics like water bottles and sando bags emit methane and ethylene, two powerful greenhouse gasses, when exposed to radiation. 

Tonight, at exactly 8:30 PM, Earth Hour 2024 with the theme "Switch Off Plastic, Turn on Nature," presents us with an opportunity to tackle the issues of plastic pollution and energy consumption at the grassroots level. 

By simply turning off the unessential lights and unused devices in our homes and offices for a little over an hour, we can make a meaningful impact in reducing energy consumption and raising awareness about the environmental consequences of plastic pollution. 

Let's come together and create the biggest hour for the earth! Mark your calendars and join the movement wherever you are! 

Together, let us switch off plastic and turn on nature dahil buhay, kabuhayan, at kinabukasan natin at ng mga susunod na henerasyon ang nakataya sa hamon ng nagbabagong klima.