NPTE Call for Nominations

September 17, 2019 Tuesday

The process of Nominations for membership in the Climate Change Commission’s National Panel of Technical Experts is now open. 

The Climate Change Commission formally invites government agencies and offices and other relevant stakeholders to nominate professionals on each of the following fields of expertise :

a.    Climate investment and finance - covers expertise on financial risk analysis and climate risk investment; economic modelling of climate change impacts; economic analyses of regulatory climate change-related policy instruments
b.    Sustainable energy - covers expertise on how climate intersects with energy industry in terms of energy regulation, efficiency, and sustainability
c.    Civil or environmental engineering - covers expertise on any of the impacts of climate change; resilience for climate adaptation; hydrologic modeling and dynamic simulation; coastal processes and engineering; remote sensing of the environment; advanced water treatment processes; industrial ecology and techno-economic assessment; resource recovery; development of environmental remediation techniques; or sensing of pollutants in the environment
d.    Climate policy and environmental law - covers expertise on laws, regulations, agreements, and common law that governs management of natural resources, protection of the environment, and regulation of climate change impacts

Potential candidates for the Panel must be nominated by an academic or research institution, government agency, civil society group or private organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and should meet the minimum requirements as follows:

a.    Filipino Citizen
b.    Has a proven credible track record in his/her field of expertise, preferably with at least ten (10) years of experience in his/her field of expertise
c.    Has consistently supported the development of his/her field of expertise in the country
d.    Preferably has an advanced relevant university degree
e.    Preferably has relevant peer-reviewed research publications in the last 10 years

The recruitment and selection of members of the NPTE are carried out with the utmost professional and ethical standards observed by the Climate Change Commission. Moreover, the evaluation process and results prior to the appointment of selected members are considered confidential.

The Commission welcomes your nominations and extends its warmest regards for your continued support towards promoting urgent action in the face of climate emergency.

Deadline for submission of nomination letters is on 16 October 2019.  Please contact the NPTE Secretariat at (02) 364-1204 or send an email to [email protected] for further inquiries.