Message of the Climate Change Commission on the celebration of international day of forests

March 21, 2019 Thursday

On March 21, the world observes the International Day of Forests with the theme, “Forests and Education.” The observance seeks to raise awareness on how sustainably managed forests provide a wide array of contributions to building a climate-resilient human society and a sustainable future for all.

Forests cover one third of the Earth’s land mass, performing vital functions around the world. According to the United Nations, around 1.6 billion people including 2,000 indigenous cultures depend on forests for their livelihood.

On this momentous day, we, in the Climate Change Commission, encourage all national and local government officials, stakeholders, and development partners to double their efforts and to raise awareness on the importance of sustainably managed forests.

With strong leadership, sense of urgency, and true commitment to a decisive multilateral response, we could save our deteriorating forests.

We should recognize that maintaining the pristine state of our forests and its multiple economic and environmental values is crucial in attaining climate resiliency and sustainable development.

Now more than ever, enhancing understanding and awareness on the importance of forests through education defines the future of the people and the planet.

May this celebration inspire us to take a more active role in our collective mission of advancing education on protecting and preserving our forests towards achieving a climate-resilient Philippines.

Vice Chairperson and Executive Director
Climate Change Commission