CCC Lauds DBM’s “Green, Green, Green” Assistance Program

March 21, 2018 Wednesday

March 21, 2018. The Climate Change Commission (CCC) today commended the “Green, Green, Green” assistance program of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), which seeks to develop public open spaces for the 145 cities all over the country.

 As a component of the Duterte administration’s “Build, Build, Build” program, “Green, Green, Green” will help city governments create forest parks, arboretums, and botanical gardens; improve livability of urban areas; and transform streetscapes through the installation of eco-friendly street furniture, fixtures, and shading.

The program has a P2.5-billion allocation under the 2018 General Appropriations Act (GAA), with each city allocation based on population count and land area.

“We are excited about this particular program of the DBM because increased greenery will complement the rapid building of infrastructure in our cities. Simply put, more trees, parks and eco-friendly spaces will help our urban communities become more climate and disaster resilient even with increased economic activity. Together with all stakeholders, we pursue efforts towards the greening of our sectors, industries, such as hospitals and banks, and eventually entire communities,” Climate Change Secretary Emmanuel De Guzman said.


“Through this Green, Green, Green assistance program, our cities will be more adaptive to climate change. Aside from providing shade and shelter, trees help filter our air and trap carbon instead of being released into our atmosphere, thereby limiting global warming. Flooding will also be reduced as trees collect water in their branches and soil,” De Guzman added.

De Guzman said that the program will mainstream environmental protection and climate action at the local level—an objective that the CCC has been undertaking through the Communities for Resilience (CORE) program. He said that CORE training modules, founded on science and aimed at reducing risks or loss and damage from climate and disaster impacts, had been developed to set standards for local development planning by local government units (LGUs).

De Guzman also said that the country roadmap for resilience will be articulated in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), for submission as part of our commitment to the Paris Agreement, to usher in a green economy for our critical sectors.

He also noted that the launch of the “Green, Green, Green” program corresponds to the theme of “Forests and Sustainable Cities” of this year’s celebration of the International Day of Forests on March 21. He said that the program could respond to the call of Senator Loren Legarda for private and public proponents to pursue urban forestry.

“The Green, Green, Green program is a welcome initiative that will certainly help our country transform for the better. I hope that many city governments avail of this program in order to foster a more livable, healthier, and more sustainable society,” De Guzman concluded.