CCC shares energy-saving tips this Energy Consciousness Month

December 05, 2021 Sunday

MANILA, 6 December 2021 — The Climate Change Commission (CCC) joins the celebration of National Energy Consciousness Month this December.
The month of December was declared as National Energy Consciousness Month by virtue of Proclamation No. 1427, which aims to create public awareness of the need for judicious conservation and efficient utilization of energy.
This year’s theme, “Committed to Serve: Building a Better Normal by Forging Ahead through Energy Ability, Security, and Sustainability”, underscores the unwavering resolve to bring the country closer towards affordable and clean energy as set by the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development, and sustainable energy as laid out in the National Climate Change Action Plan.
To help the country achieve its energy goals, we share the following energy-saving tips that can be done at home, in the workplace, schools, and establishments:
1.    Switch to LED light bulbs. In the long run, it requires less maintenance and comes out cheaper.
2.    Optimize use of iron or washing machine with more amount of clothes in one workload.
3.    Place refrigerators in an area with adequate ventilation, as higher room temperature results in higher energy consumption for the ref to stay cool.
4.    Open windows and curtains during the day to minimize the use of electric lights
5.    Turn off gadgets/appliances properly and pull out the plugs from the socket when not in use.
Shifting to renewable energy, along with the energy-saving and efficiency efforts of the community, can altogether reduce our emissions while championing the clean energy transition.