CCC: Transition to Green, Climate-Smart Economy Will Drive Green Jobs, Sustainable Growth Amidst Climate Change

May 18, 2018 Friday

May 18, 2018. The Climate Change Commission (CCC), in cooperation with the International Labour Organization (ILO) pushed for just transition to green and climate-smart economy during the first Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on the Development of the Green Jobs Act Assessment and Certification System and Guidelines, May 17 at the Aruga by Rockwell, Rockwell Center, Makati City.

“In this era of climate change, it is important to pave way for low-carbon and green economic development with innovative and reformative practices, plans, and programs on climate change adaptation, mitigation, disaster risk reduction, and sustainable development,” highlighted Vice Chairperson and Secretary Emmanuel de Guzman in his opening speech.

The multi-stakeholder consultation focused on the provision of broad perspectives of the Philippine Green Jobs Act of 2016 (RA 10771) as well as the incentives scheme for enterprises. Products and services standards that will be used to define which products can be considered green and conventional were also tackled during the meeting.

RA 10771 provides a framework to identify, develop, certify, sustain, and incentivize “green jobs” to support the country. This law also promotes environmental sustainability and decent work by sharpening the country’s policy focus on promoting green jobs. Another important feature is the creation of an incentives system that will encourage business enterprises to generate and sustain more green jobs.

ILO Director Khalid Hassan reiterated that “the message of the Green Jobs Act enables the country to address both environmental and climate change. We no longer have to choose between creating jobs and preserving the environment. Environmental sustainability can be pursued while creating decent jobs.”

De Guzman highlighted the importance of integrating green jobs and just transition to the development of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) which the Philippines intends to submit to the UNFCCC within the year as in line with our ratification and joining of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Highlights of the meeting include the presentations on the Green Jobs Certification Process, Framework, and Green Jobs Content and Accounting. Sectoral workshop for Green products Standards and presentations were also held during the meeting.

“We will constantly support convergence meetings such as this so we could all work together, pool our resources, knowledge and expertise, for a safer, more secure and sustainable future for the Filipino people,” de Guzman added.

This multi-stakeholder consultative meeting was participated by several government agencies, business and development partners and members of the academe. The sectoral consultative meeting is set to happen on May 23-25.