PH: Climate justice key to successful responsible global and regional partnerships on water sustainability, sufficiency

June 16, 2022 Thursday

MANILA, 16 June 2022 — The Philippines underscored the urgent need for climate justice in order to successfully realize responsible global and regional partnerships ensuring water sustainability and sufficiency across regions.
At the plenary session of the 2nd Dushanbe Water Process Conference in Tajikistan, on 8 June 2022, Climate Change Commission (CCC) Secretary Robert Borje called attention to water scarcity as “one of the future global climate risks” and urged regional and global action to “formulate and implement water development strategies and trajectories in the era of climate change, up to the last mile and up to the last person.”
Secretary Borje stressed that at the heart of climate change action is the principle of climate justice where more needs to be done for “those who are least responsible for climate change, to those with the least resources, to those most exposed, vulnerable and at risk, we need to do more.”
He also challenged developed and industrialized countries, “to the most responsible, to those with the most resources, you have to do more.”
“To this end, we need climate financing. Make it more accessible and available. Unlock it for the developing world,” he underlined as he stressed that this was not a plea for handouts but an urgent call for “responsible partnership” leading to actions with results.
A week earlier in the Stockholm+50 International Meeting held on 02 June 2022 in Sweden, Secretary Borje pointed out that climate justice “should not be a choice but an obligation” and that “justice requires us to do more,” while underscoring that the world’s “collective moral fiber should be outraged if we cannot deliver climate justice.”
He also called for a review of the global approach to climate change adaptation and mitigation with a paradigm that stresses “Build Right at First Sight” as climate financing resources for developing nations remain difficult to access.
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte designated Secretary Borje as the Head of Delegation and the President’s personal representative to the 2nd Dushanbe Water Process Conference.

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