CCC conducts consultation with CSOs, private sector on PH report to UNFCCC

March 31, 2023 Friday

MANILA, Philippines – The Climate Change Commission (CCC) conducted a consultation with civil society organizations and private sector on national reports to be submitted to UN Climate Change (UNFCCC) this year.

A stakeholder consultation for the development of the country's Biennial Updated Report (BUR) was organized by the CCC, through its Implementation Oversight Division, to ensure collective, inclusive, and transparent process in developing national reports.

Reports such as the BUR, which are to be submitted by non-Annex 1 countries to the UNFCCC, serve as basis to assess global progress on climate commitments, towards mobilizing means of implementation (MOI) and support for the developing world.

Twenty four (24) participants from civil society and the private sector attended the consultation on the BUR development process.

“As members of civil society and the private sector, you will be able to help us develop the report into one that is truly consultative, comprehensive, data-driven, and reflective of our country’s circumstances and needs,” said CCC Deputy Executive Director Romell Antonio Cuenca.

To set the context, the CCC presented the overview of the BUR process and the data and information needed to qualify the report as comprehensive and data-driven.

CSOs and private sector representatives shared their views and insights on additional data and information sources, and how their organizations can contribute in the development of the BUR.

The CCC, as the National Focal Point to the UNFCCC spearheads the process of BUR development and submission.

Series of consultation with government and stakeholders will be conducted towards the completion and finalization of the BUR.

The BUR is targeted to be submitted by the CCC to the UNFCCC this year.

For more information about the Philippine BUR, visit the website of the CCC at