CCC empowers ministries in BARMM for climate resilience

October 25, 2023 Wednesday

(left) CCC Secretary Robert E.A. Borje together with officials and representatives from BARMM Ministries in the Capacity Building Program. (right) CCC and the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Energy release turtle hatchlings in Aboitiz Cleanergy Park, Davao City.

MANILA, 25 October 2023
— The Climate Change Commission (CCC), in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), conducted the Capacity Building Program for Ministries in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) to foster climate resilience in the region.

Secretary Robert E.A. Borje, CCC Vice Chairperson and Executive Director, highlighted the immense challenges faced by the BARMM region, emphasizing the need for transformative governance to combat climate change effectively.

“We may face the same storm, but our vessels differ. Some have advanced radars and engines; we have the most basic. We must transform ourselves into the most resilient, the most capable vessel so that we can proceed with our journey not just for peace, not just for development, but for sustainability, progress, and full prosperity for our people,” said Borje.

BARMM Minister Akmad Brahim echoed Secretary Borje's sentiments, emphasizing the need for proactive planning and building resilience in the face of climate change.

“By engaging in proactive national and local planning, we can improve our ability to prevent future disasters and adapt to the changing climate. This requires good governance informed by sound climate science,” said Brahim.

UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Edwin Carrie stressed the interconnectedness of climate change, peace and development issues, and emphasized the importance of prioritizing financing to effectively tackle climate change impacts at the local level.

“Development is not a checklist of separate development issues such as climate, such as peace, such as poverty reduction, such as effective governance. Those are interconnected development issues that interact and impact into the development trajectory of any country,” said Carrie.

The Capacity Building Program, attended by technical representatives from 15 ministries, covered topics such as Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP), People's Survival Fund (PSF) project proposals, and the conduct of greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and climate change expenditure tagging (CCET).

The CCC thanked BARMM ministries, LGUs, and all stakeholders for their active participation in the Capacity Building Program. This collaborative effort marks a significant milestone in the region’s journey towards a sustainable, climate-resilient future.

Conserving marine biodiversity

In a parallel event, the CCC joins hands with BARMM’s Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Energy in releasing turtle hatchlings in Aboitiz Cleanergy Park, Davao City. The activity underscores the CCC's dedication to safeguarding marine biodiversity and protecting vulnerable species from the impacts of climate change.
Sea turtles, essential to our oceans particularly in maintaining healthy coral reefs, were released as part of a crucial conservation effort.
"By participating in the release of these hatchlings, we are not just conserving a species; we are contributing to the overall health and resilience of our marine environment," Borje emphasized.
The CCC encourages the public to join in this endeavor by learning more about sea turtles and supporting local conservation initiatives for a sustainable environment.

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