Children and youth take centerspot in CCC video project

December 12, 2023 Tuesday

MANILA  | 12 December 2023 — Recognizing children as particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, the Climate Change Commission (CCC) is launching a video production that captures the perspectives and insights of children and youth.

Featuring five individuals aged between 6 and 16, this visual storytelling explores their understanding of global warming and climate change, their experiences in communities and schools, and their future goals and aspirations.

The participants articulate their awareness of climate change issues and impacts, detailing their personal approaches to promoting climate-conscious and sustainable practices. They also express gratitude towards individuals they have interacted with, acknowledging them as environmental heroes for their contributions to raising awareness and participating in adaptation and mitigation efforts. The participants also share their visions for an ideal future.

In producing this media material, the CCC emphasizes its collaboration with children and youth, aiming for resiliency and sustainability. The agency cites data from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) revealing that 1 billion, nearly half of the 2.2 billion children globally, live in extremely high-risk countries.

The Philippines is among these countries, where children are exposed to floods and tropical ecosystems.  These vulnerabilities often exacerbate existing social inequalities, placing additional strains on children and young people’s overall well-being.

Climate action addressing the needs of youth and girls is among the priority positions of the Philippine Government at the ongoing COP28. This reflects the CCC’s whole-of-society and inclusive approach in addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change.

The 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) is an important United Nations climate conference held in Dubai, UAE, gathering representatives from 198 parties worldwide to negotiate and deliberate on pressing issues related to climate change. Attended by delegates from various countries, COP28 builds upon previous climate agreements such as the Paris Agreement and Kyoto Protocol, and advances global efforts in combating climate change.