CCC, Legarda push for women’s involvement in climate action

May 08, 2024 Wednesday

The Filipina Changemakers: Champions for Climate Resilience was attended by officials and staff from the Senate of the Philippines, national government agencies, civil society, and relevant organizations.

MANILA, 8 May 2024 The Climate Change Commission (CCC), in partnership with the Office of Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda (OSLL) and The Climate Reality Project (TCRP) Philippines, convened “Filipina Changemakers: Champions for Climate Resilience,” a forum and panel discussion highlighting the roles and challenges of women in climate action.

The forum pushed for women's empowerment across various aspects of climate stewardship and planetary  protection, including policy, legislation, science and the arts, in recognition of the disproportionate impacts of climate change on women and girls, as well as their valuable role in influencing national governance and community-based action.

Throughout history, women have been at the forefront of ecological protection and sustainability. From grassroots activists to policymakers, women have played pivotal roles in championing sustainable practices and policies that promote climate resilience,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda during her keynote speech. “The Philippines is blessed with a wealth of changemakers who are leading the way in climate action. From farmers implementing sustainable practices to activists advocating for clean energy, Filipino women are driving innovation and inspiring change,” she added.

But while we celebrate the achievements of these remarkable women, we must also acknowledge the challenges they face. The majority of women, particularly those in vulnerable communities, bear the brunt of climate change impacts, yet they are often marginalized in decision-making processes and excluded from leadership roles,” she added.

Secretary Robert E.A. Borje, CCC Vice Chairperson and Executive Director, emphasized the crucial role of women in climate action.

"Women are at the forefront of climate action, and their unique perspectives are crucial in our journey towards a more resilient and sustainable future. Their leadership and contribution in areas such as conservation, renewable energy, and community empowerment can lead to more inclusive and effective solutions to address the challenges we face. I thank our partners for helping us bring this initiative to life," Borje said.

Panelists Dr. Faye Abigail Cruz, Head of the Regional Climate Systems Laboratory of Manila Observatory and Lead Author for IPCC Working Group I Report for AR6, along with Desiree Llanos Dee, Creative Artist and Co-founder of Tofu Creatives, and Danica Marie Supnet, Director for Climate Policy of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, shared their personal climate stories and how they became champions for climate resilience in their respective fields. The discussion was moderated by Peachie Dioquino-Valera, Climate Reality Leader and entrepreneur.

They emphasized the importance of fostering synergies across sectors, promoting knowledge sharing, and creating more opportunities for women and girls in climate action.

“The impacts of climate change are disproportionate, resulting in unequal impacts. So it is important for women to have access to knowledge and skills to reduce vulnerability and empower themselves to make decisions that increase their resilience. Embracing diversity and inclusivity allows for a comprehensive and diverse approach in government actions,” Dr. Faye Abigail Cruz noted.

“Many factors contribute to women's vulnerability. However, women are not just victims anymore; we are also agents of change. Women constitute not just half of the population but also half of the solutions to the climate crisis. In addition to all the roles we play and everything else we do, women contribute significantly to addressing these challenges,” said Desiree Llanos Dee.

"The role of women in decision-making is crucial. We are strong advocates and strong leaders. I would also love to advocate for women in science, because it will lead our country towards development. Communication materials, such as stories that are not necessarily too scientific but touch on science, are perfect to show that science and creativity are also forms of communication," said Danica Marie Supnet.

The forum aimed to inspire women and girls to get involved in climate action, emphasizing that diverse voices are critical for effective climate strategies.

“The PCW recognizes and appreciates the efforts made towards gender equality in climate action. Women's participation and leadership are crucial to the success of our collective efforts in mainstreaming gender equality in climate change. Through women's unique abilities and capabilities, we believe that the country can enhance resilience and address environmental challenges more effectively,” said Dr. Macario T. Jusayan, Chief GAD Specialist of the Sectoral Coordination Division from the Philippine Commission on Women.

“In the face of adversity, women leaders have proven to be relentless and nurturing leaders, just like our Filipina changemakers. We aim to put a spotlight on them and their work to drive powerful change in this era of the climate crisis,” said CCC Commissioner Rachel Anne S. Herrera, in her welcome remarks.

Aligned with this year’s International Mother Earth Day celebration, the forum Filipina Changemakers: Champions for Climate Resilience exhibited the country’s commitment to a whole-of-society approach for a climate-resilient and climate-smart Philippines.

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