CCC joins capacity building workshop to bolster NAP development and implementation

June 17, 2024 Monday

Representatives from eight countries participate in the regional training workshop on National Adaptation Plan development and implementation organized by the Asian Institute of Technology, Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific

BANGKOK, 17 June 2024 — The Climate Change Commission (CCC) participated in a recently concluded training workshop on National Adaptation Plan (NAP) development and implementation in a bid to strengthen the country’s capacity to formulate and implement its NAP.

Organized by the Asian Institute of Technology, Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (AIT RRC.AP), in collaboration with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN), the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), and Japan’s Ministry of the Environment, the workshop aimed to strengthen the NAP development and implementation capacities of participants. The workshop provided practical, internationally tested models, methodologies and tools for the NAP process in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Philippines, having submitted its NAP to the UNFCCC on 30 May 2024, presented its climatic impact drivers, key sectoral outcomes, and key strategies for effective climate adaptation action. The Philippines shared best practices and emphasized the significance of collaboration among countries.

Secretary Robert E.A. Borje, Vice Chairperson and Executive Director of the CCC, underscored the importance of building regional capacities on implementing NAPs.

"Capacity building on National Adaptation Plans is essential for the Asia-Pacific region which is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Strengthening our individual and collective capacities to develop and implement NAPs is rightly an objective and instrument of policy to build resilience. By enhancing our knowledge and capabilities, we can better prepare for future climate impacts and further strengthen the foundation for a more resilient and sustainable region," he stated.

The workshop, attended by 26 participants from eight countries, including the Philippines, offered understanding and awareness of the key NAP elements, support channels, and their links to other national processes, as well as practical guidelines for the effective formulation and implementation of NAPs. The workshop also focused on the mobilization of climate finance, which will aid the Philippines in translating actionable NAP strategies into concrete steps toward localization and implementation.

Held from 11 to 13 June 2024, the workshop underscored the importance of regional cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experiences in tackling climate change adaptation.

The AIT RRC.AP is dedicated to enhancing adaptation planning and implementation in developing countries, playing a pivotal role in organizing such capacity-building workshops. This commitment is crucial in fostering a collaborative environment where countries can directly collaborate and workshop on essential aspects of the NAP, from development processes to mobilizing climate finance.

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