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Earth Day
April 22, 2024 Monday
Earth Hour
Plastic pollution and energy consumption are issues that greatly contribute to our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and global temperature rise.  Historically, the energy sector has been the largest greenhouse gas emitter globally, with 35% originating from the energy supply chain. Meanwhile, plastic production which uses energy throughout the process, adds to the emissions. Additionally, research demonstrates that commonly used plastics like water bottles and sando bags emit methane and ethylene, two powerful greenhouse gasses, when exposed to radiation.  Tonight, at exactly 8:30 PM, Earth Hour 2024 with the theme "Switch Off Plastic, Turn on Nature," presents us with an opportunity to tackle the issues of plastic pollution and energy consumption at the grassroots level.  By simply turning off the unessential lights and unused devices in our homes and offices for a little over an hour, we can make a meaningful impact in reducing energy consumption and raising awareness about the environmental consequences of plastic pollution.  Let's come together and create the biggest hour for the earth! Mark your calendars and join the movement wherever you are!  Together, let us switch off plastic and turn on nature dahil buhay, kabuhayan, at kinabukasan natin at ng mga susunod na henerasyon ang nakataya sa hamon ng nagbabagong klima.
March 23, 2024 Saturday
World Water Day
Did you know that currently, 2.2 billion people live without access to safe water? Water is undeniably a fundamental element crucial for supporting life. This fact underscores why much of the world's natural water resources are highly sought after, often leading to needless conflicts in some regions. As the impacts of climate change continue to escalate in both quantity and intensity, it's imperative that we unite and actively engage in approaches to protect and conserve our most precious water resources. Today, as we celebrate World Water Day under the theme "Leveraging Water for Peace," let us emphasize the need to develop and implement robust policy mechanisms to safeguard our natural water resources. May this day also remind us that beyond its importance for drinking, sanitation, and hygiene, safe water is crucial for agriculture, industry, and biodiversity. By working towards water conservation mechanisms that are inclusive, equitable, and environmentally sustainable, we can ensure a more peaceful and prosperous future for all. Happy World Water Day from the Climate Change Commission!
March 22, 2024 Friday
International Day of Happiness
  This International Day of Happiness, let’s spread smiles! ☺️ At the Climate Change Commission, happiness stems from our ability to contribute to the well-being of our planet. We'd love to hear from you - what brings happiness into your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.  ---------- On 12 July 2012, the General Assembly of the United Nations passed its resolution 66/281 which proclaimed 20 March the International Day of Happiness. The commemoration is aimed at acknowledging happiness and well-being as a common objective for society and emphasizing the importance of integrating them into public policy objectives.
March 20, 2024 Wednesday
World Consumer Rights Day
Consumer behavior significantly influences climate change. The choices individuals make regarding energy use, transportation, diet, and consumption of goods and services play a huge part in either mitigating or exacerbating climate change and its effects. As we celebrate World Consumer Rights Day today, let us take a moment to reflect and honestly assess our current consumer behavior.  Let this day also serve as an encouragement for everyone to adopt sustainable consumption patterns, which can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate climate change. Happy World Consumer Rights Day from the Climate Change Commission! ‐---------- World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated annually on the 15th of March to ensure that people have all the information they need to make sound decisions when purchasing consumer products.  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development celebrates the World Consumer Rights Day by spearheading discussions on how to meet both the present and future generations’ needs for goods and services that are sustainable economically, socially, and environmentally. This year's theme, "Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers," emphasizes the importance of ethical AI products that respect consumer rights.
March 15, 2024 Friday
Holy Month of Ramadan
The Climate Change Commission stands in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters in celebrating the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan.  May this season of prayer and fasting serve as an opportunity for all to appreciate the role of the Islamic faith in shaping many climate champions through its teachings, which emphasize compassion and love for the planet. Ramadan Mubarak.
March 12, 2024 Tuesday
National Women's Day
Women bear disproportionate impacts from climate change such as food insecurity, displacement, and loss of livelihoods due to factors like gender and ethnicity. Despite this, however, they remain left out of climate discussions, with only 55 national climate action plans across the globe addressing gender equality and only 23 of them recognizing women as key agents for advancing climate commitments. Today, as we celebrate the International Women’s Day with the theme, "Invest in women: Accelerate progress" and national theme, “LIPUNANG PATAS SA BAGONG PILIPINAS: Kakayahan ng Kababaihan, Patunayan!” let us highlight the importance of women's inclusion in climate dialogue and action. Their perspectives, experiences, and leadership are essential in crafting effective and equitable solutions to address the challenges posed by climate change. Happy National Women’s Day from the Climate Change Commission! ___ March 8 is observed as National Women’s Day to celebrate women’s achievements and reaffirm society’s commitment to gender equality and women's empowerment as per Republic Act 6949.
March 08, 2024 Friday
Climate Change Expenditure Tagging (CCET) Orientation
The Climate Change Expenditure Tagging (CCET) Orientation aims to provide clear, concise, and up-to-date information for national government budget officers, planning officers, and climate change technical representatives to obtain an understanding on CCET process as an integral part of the national budget preparation. The objectives for this orientation are as follows: • Strengthen the capacity of NGIS to mainstream climate change into their PAPs using CCET typologies; • Outline basic elements of planning processes to deliver climate action; • Secure better understanding of the formulation of climate actions and its linkage to the budget and planning process through national strategies and action plans; • Ensure enhanced compliance with the CCET JMC and the relevant DBM's National and Corporate Budget Memoranda; • Improve the understanding of roles and responsibilities of institutions involved in managing the Country's response to climate change; • Guide the participants through the process of tagging and submitting to the CCET Helpdesk climate-tagged programs/activities/projects (P/A/Ps) in the context of national planning and programming process and the rationalized planning process; and • Provide convergence across NGIS on the implementation of climate change and disaster risk reduction programs/activities/projects (P/A/Ps) through the Risk Resiliency Program. The orientation aims to strengthen the capacity of budget, planning and environment/climate change officers of the agencies to undertake the CCET.
March 04, 2024 Monday
International Wildlife Day
Wildlife helps keep the delicate balance of nature in place. They play a crucial role in maintaining life, from bees pollinating flowers and birds spreading seeds to grazing mammals naturally fertilizing vegetation through their manure. Every single animal, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, plays a part in the web of biodiversity that supports life on Earth. As we commemorate International Wildlife Day today with the theme "Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation," let us reflect on the services that animals continue to provide our planet.  Every year on 3 March, United Nations World Wildlife Day (WWD) is celebrated to honor wild animals and plants, recognizing their unique roles and contributions to people and the planet. We advocate for more robust policies that protect their safety and natural habitats. Happy International Wildlife Day from the Climate Change Commission!
March 03, 2024 Sunday
Seagrass meadows offer substantial ecological functions. For one, they help in the sustenance of marine biodiversity, serving as feeding and nursery grounds for marine animals. Likewise, these water plants help in filtering water, improving the quality of the surrounding marine environment. Seagrasses also play a crucial role in naturally mitigating the effects of climate change, as they are  considered potent carbon sinks that can store up to 18% of the world’s oceanic carbon. Sadly, a decline in seagrass beds due to irresponsible human activities continues to escalate at an alarming rate. Today, as we celebrate the World Seagrass Day, let us emphasize the need to protect seagrass beds. Furthermore, let us involve ourselves in promoting and conserving these powerful carbon sinks.
March 01, 2024 Friday
November 19, 2023 Sunday
Climate Change Consciousness Week 2022
November 19, 2022 Saturday
Climate and Transport Forum: Sustaining Initiatives for Low Carbon Transport Systems and Services
The ‘Climate and Transport Forum: Sustaining Initiatives for Low Carbon Transport Systems and Services’ will be held in Pasig City. CCC Secretary Robert E.A. Borje and DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade, Jr. will lead the Forum highlighting the importance of ushering low carbon measures for the transformation of the transport sector.  
June 29, 2022 Wednesday
Tayo at ang Natatanging Mundo: Sustainable Actions for the Planet
The Climate Change Commission (CCC) and the Climate Reality Project Philippines (TCRP) invite the public to watch the second episode of “Stories for A Better Reality,” this Thursday, 23 June 2022, 10:00 AM via Facebook Live, in time for the celebration of the Philippine Environment Month.   The episode, entitled, “Tayo at ang Natatanging Mundo: Sustainable Actions for the Planet” will underscore the importance of sustainable lifestyles and environmental practices that help protect our #OnlyOneEarth.   This will be streamed live via the Facebook pages of the Climate Change Commission ( and the Climate Reality Project Philippines (   The episode will feature youth leaders and sustainability advocates Mr. Prince Jimdel Ventura, 2021 Climate Ambassador of the Global Youth Climate Network and Youth 4 Sustainable Cities Ambassador; and Ms. Dana Marie Perez, CEO and Founder of Sustainability Hero and Content Creator at Sustainable Living by Dana to share their sustainable strategies to protect our planet.
June 23, 2022 Thursday
2nd Dushanbe Water Process
2nd Dushanbe Water Process Dushanbe, Tajikistan June 6-9, 2022
June 06, 2022 Monday
56th Session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (Bonn Climate Change Conference)
56th Session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (Bonn Climate Change Conference) June 6-16, 2022 Bonn, Germany
June 06, 2022 Monday
Stockholm +50 International Meeting
Stockholm +50 International Meeting June 2-3, 2022 Stockholm, Sweden
June 02, 2022 Thursday
Biodiversity and Climate Change: Anong Konek?
The Climate Change Commission (CCC) and the Climate Reality Project Philippines (TCRP) invite the public to watch the first episode of “Stories for A Better Reality,” this Friday, 20 May 2022, 10:00 AM via Facebook Live, in time for the celebration of International Day for Biological Diversity.   The pilot episode, entitled, “Biodiversity and Climate Change: Anong Konek?” will highlight the importance of protecting and restoring biodiversity, and the role of environment in climate change adaptation and mitigation.   This will be streamed live via the Facebook pages of the Climate Change Commission ( and the Climate Reality Project Philippines (   The webisode will feature guests including Jamie Dichavez, Campaign Lead of 30 x 30 Southeast Asia; Abigail Kitma, Chairperson of United Nations Youth Advisory Board; Director Natividad Bernardino from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Biodiversity Management Bureau (DENR-BMB); and Dr. Aimee Lynn Barrion-Dupo from the University of the Philippines-Los Baños.
May 20, 2022 Friday
Stories for a Better Reality
WHEN: April 22, 2022 (9AM)   WHERE: Zoom video conferencing platform and Facebook Live streamed on Climate Change Commission Facebook Page, The Climate Reality Project Philippines, Wavefarer, National Youth Commission, and Department of Education.   WHY: The Climate Change Commission and The Climate Reality Project Philippines Youth Cluster, with support from the National Youth Commission, Department of Education, Department of Environment of Natural Resources, Kids for Kids, and Wavefarers will launch the stories for the better reality – a series a monthly climate webcast by the youth for the youth. WHO:  CCC Secretary Robert E.A. Borje; TCRP Branch Manager, Nazrin Camille Castro; Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda; DENR Acting Secretary Jim Sampulna; DepEd Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Service Director Ronilda Co; NYC Commissioner Representing Visayas, Christine Joy Cari; TCRP Youth Cluster Coordinator, Danielle Alexandrine Madriaga; Kids for Kids Co-founder Natasha Tanjutco; and Wavefarers Founder and Executive Director Charisse Reganion For confirmation and other concerns, contact the CCC - Information and Knowledge Management Division at [email protected].
April 22, 2022 Friday
Pagyabong 2022: An Enrichment Tree Planting Activity
WHEN: April 22, 2022 (7AM) WHERE: Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, Diliman, Quezon City WHY: The Department of Environment of Natural Resources – Biodiversity and Management Bureau, in collaboration with the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity, United Nations Development Programme in the Philippines, and the Climate Change Commission, will conduct a tree planting activity entitled, “Pagyabong 2022: An Enrichment Tree Planting Activity. WHO: Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda; Dr. Selva Ramachandran, UNDP Philippines Resident Representative; CCC Secretary Robert E.A. Borje; Department of Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Daniel R. Espiritu; ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity Executive Director Dr. Theresa Mundita Lim; and DENR Acting Secretary, Secretary Jim O. Sapulna. For confirmation and other concerns, contact Mr. Ludwig O. Federigan of the Climate Change Commission at [email protected] or at +63920 972 8220.
April 22, 2022 Friday