Resolution No. 2011-2
A Resolution Approving the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP)




Resolution No. 2011-3
Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (R-IRR) of Republic Act No. 9729, otherwise known as the Climate Change Act of 2009 as amended by Republic Act No. 10174


Resolution No. 2011-4
A Resolution Constituting the National Panel of Technical Experts and Appointing the Members Thereof


Resolution No. 2011-5 
Endorsing the PGBI and IFC of the World Bank Group to Study Develop and Formulate a Green Building Ordinance for LGUs


Resolution No. 2011-6
Authorizing the Dialogue with WorldWatch Institute for the Design of "Sustainable Power System: A Roadmap for the Philippines"


Resolution No. 7
Endorsing the Black Carbon or Black Soot Mitigation Project of Commissioner Heherson T. Alvarez


Resolution No. 2016-001
Resolution on the Development of a Clear Policy on Coal-Fired Power Plants in Pursuit of a Low Carbon Development Pathway for the Philippines


Resolution No. 2017-001
Approving the Renewal of Appointment of Members of the National Panel of Technical Experts (NPTE)


Resolution No. 2018-001
Resolution Mandating the Integration of Indigenous Cultural  Communities/Indigenous Peoples' Practices and Traditional Knowledge on Climate Adaptation and Resilience in the Local Climate Change Action Plans and Annual Investment Plans of Local Government Units


Resolution No. 2018-002
Resolution Creating the Blue Carbon Steering Committee (BCSC) and the Blue Carbon Technical Working Group (BCTWG) of the Philippines


Resolution No. 2018-003
Resolution Adopting the Guidance Document in Institutionalizing the Philippine Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management and Reporting System of EO 174 s. 2014


Resolution No. 2019-001
Resolution Adopting a National Climate Risk Management Framework to Address the Intensifying Adverse Impacts of Climate Change


Resolution No. 2019-002
Resolution Mainstreaming and Strengthening Gender-Responsive Approaches in the Formulation and Implementation of Climate Change Policies, Plans, Programs and Activities


                    Commission Resolution 2020-001
                    Approving the Renewal of the NPTE


                      Commission Resolution 2020-002
                      Adopting Systems & Procedures of the NDA on Matters
                      Relating to the GCF