2010 CCC Accomplishment Report

A report on the CCC’s initial efforts since its organizational inception, particularly in convening relevant actors in creating a Framework Strategy that will be encapsulated in an Action Plan. The report also portrayed the increased advocacy for climate action spurred by the Country’s charge in an international setting of climate governance.


2011 CCC Accomplishment Report

A report on the CCC’s early accomplishments as the lead policy-making body on climate change, highlighted by their leadership in crafting the National Framework Strategy and Action Plan and flagship program on capacity building, the EcoTown. The report also described the Commission’s domestic command in building partnerships and international prestige in negotiations during international conventions.


2016 CCC Accomplishment Report

A report on the CCC’s heightened effort in coordinating the Philippine Government’s plans, programs, and policies, remarkably through institutional arrangements on budget tagging, monitoring and evaluation, greenhouse gas inventory, knowledge and information platforms, and planning for adaptation and mitigation. It also described the scaling up of capacity building through the Communities for Resilience program.


2017 CCC Accomplishment Report

A report on the CCC's accomplishments to sustain the momentum of government convergence and partnership with the civil society and private sector. The report also recounts the Commission's modular approach in capacitating sub-national actors, in a landmark year of commitment to the global climate agenda.


2018 CCC Accomplishment Report

A report on the CCC’s performance in mainstreaming climate action at various levels of governance, especially with their issuance on risk management, raising the information and capacity of local governments and academic institutions on climate action planning, and sustaining data and information systems for tracking climate action.


2019 CCC Accomplishment Report

A report on the CCC’s emphasis in policy coordination, remarkably on risk management, mitigation planning, mobilizing domestic resources, and facilitating access to finance mechanisms. It also narrated the continued collaboration of CCC with sub-national institutions to escalate relevant climate action.