Climate Change Commission’s Statement of Support to Ban Single-Use Plastics



  1. The Cabinet Cluster on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction approved Cabinet Cluster Resolution No. 1 “Adopting the Principles of Sustainable Consumption and Production, Towards Regulation and Phaseout of Single-Use Plastics and a Responsible Transition to the Use of Environment-Friendly Products.”Through the resolution, the Cabinet Cluster also adopted the Philippine Action Plan for Sustainable Consumption and Production (PAP4SCP), spearheaded by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) as the roadmap and guidance document of government agencies to operationalize sustainable consumption and production (SCP) practices in the country. It also establishes a Sub-Cluster or Technical Working Group on the passage of an Anti-Single Use Plastics Law.

  2. The National Solid Waste Management Commission (NSWMC) Resolution No. 1363, s. 2020, bans “unnecessary” single-use plastics. It covers national government agencies, local government units, and all other government controlled-offices.

  3. The CCC already imposed a plastic ban in its office operations through Office Order No. 2020-010 entitled Office Waste Management System dated 24 January 2020. Under the Office Order, disposable plastics, such as plastic straws, stirrers, utensils, food wrappers, grocery bags, instant food packaging, lids, drinking bottles and caps are prohibited within the office premises during the conduct of official meetings, conferences, and other activities. 

    Press Release: CCC Bans Single-Use Plastics in Office-Wide Operations


Numerous lawmakers from both the Senate and the House of Representatives have filed their own versions of a bill in order to address the country’s growing plastic waste and pollution, primarily seeking to ban or phase out single-use plastics and/or implement an extended producers responsibility scheme.

In the lower house, the House Committee on Ecology, chaired by Rep. Glona Labadlabad with the TWG on single-use plastics being chaired by Rep. Kiko Benitez, approved House Bill 9147 “Single-Use Plastic Products Regulations” Act. The bill is a consolidation of 41 bills filed by various representatives, including House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco.

There are five salient provisions in HB9147:

  1. Establishment of three tiers of single-use plastic products to be phased out in varying periods;

  2. Demand-side interventions (behavioral modification);

  3. Supply-side interventions;

  4. Extended producer responsibility (EPR); and

  5. Carrot-and-stick for EPR compliance​​

House Bill 9147 Salient Provisions