Implementation Period: 2019 - Present



Pursuant to Republic Act 9729, as amended, and the Republic Act 11260 (General Appropriations Act), the Climate Change Commission (CCC) was mandated to coordinate, monitor and evaluate climate change adaptation and mitigation in the programs, and action plans of the government, especially the Climate Change-related GAA FY2019 Provisions.

The CCC gathered climate-change related provisions from the 2019 GAA and circulated the document to relevant agencies.

Under the GAA 2019, there are seven (7) Climate Change-related General Provisions, and 32 Climate Change-related Special Provisions from 25 National Government Agencies.

The CCC has conducted two (2) Roundtable Discussions (RTDs) with 25 National Government Agencies (NGAs) with Climate Change Special Provisions to communicate the Commission’s monitoring strategy and the deadlines for the agencies’ status of implementation reports.

On 28 October 2020, the CCC has submitted a Status Report on the implementation of Climate Change-related GAA FY2019 Provisions, to the Office of the President, the Department of Budget and Management, and Congress.

For FY2020, the CCC began the call for agencies submissions of their respective accomplishment reports for the Climate Change-related GAA FY2019 Provisions. In February to March 2020, the vetting process has been conducted to ensure that the report has undergone consultations and validations from the agencies.
The Accomplishment Report for Climate Change-related GAA FY2019 Provisions is expected to be finalized and submitted to oversight agencies by April 2020.

Meanwhile, the CCC has also commenced a monitoring process for the Climate Change-related GAA FY2020 Provisions. In January 2020, the CCC communicated to the oversight agencies, and to the concerned agencies the climate change-related provisions in the GAA 2020. This will be followed by a roundtable table discussions with the agencies around the second quarter, in which the CCC and the agencies will discuss the PAPs that will be implemented in light of the provisions, and will be monitored by the CCC for this fiscal year.